19 februari 2015 SMO FinTech

– SMO partners up with Holland FinTech and FinTechCity to host the SMO FinTech Event. Change is coming for the financial sector. A new movement of technological innovations and entrepreneurship in the financial sector is emerging.

18 june 2015 “Handelsmissie 2e kamer” The Hague

– Select group of FinTech startups engaged with several members of parliament to talk about specific barriers for FinTech companies.

29 september 2015 Screen event Amsterdam

– This year’s focus areas for the largest financial services event in the Benelux have been: Fintech, Regulation and Enterprise Data Management. More to follow

– Get in The Ring FinTech Battle

19 november 2015 How to get There Summit

– Unique combinations of people and organisations can lead to surprising innovations and new value propositions. During this session we will have an open discussion how combinatoric innovation in FinTech can change society whilst keeping in mind the possibilities of digital currency and Internet of Things.


May 2016 2nd SMO FinTech event

– FinTech startups, entrepreneurs, Professors, Members of parliament and corporates will engage based on Combinatoric innovation shaping the financial sector 

– Publication on Combinatoric Innovation by Paul Iske professor Open Innovation – Maastricht University

Screenmarkets 2015 PannelSMO FinTech 19 febGITR Screen